Newsletter CNC NCK June 2016

Set up of the Work council, this takes a bit of time

Formally and though several rumours and external events (Brexit, Union “communication), there is not much happening as the period after the social elections is primary used to put in place the new representation and feed them with basis information about the company (first work council held on June 16 , chaired by our CEO)

Concretely what does a delegate in the work council

I take the opportunity of this quite period and my rookie status to explain you a bit how it does look like to be a delegate in the work council

  • Following the law

The law explicitly details the competences in terms of information, consultation, guidance, monitoring and decision making.   For the one’s interested, I joined a copy hereunder (sorry only available in French and Dutch as this is coming from the government)

  • Concretly

Manage and answer your specific questions

I’m not a substitute to the responsible department, but your questions/requests highlight places where there is something on-going that should be checked A hot topic was about fiscal letter  (see note in French Double-fiche-de-salaire-risque-de-double-imposition?). That kind of questions highlights as well a global problem of availability of HR services.  This has been already tabled with the top management. Answer is that the MT HR is working hard to find solutions : to be continued ….

Represent and defend your fundamental questions and rights.

Questions on the real benefit of the “Cafetaria plan” and his evolution, how the retirement fund is working or even the evolution of job classes (included senior expert) is more demanding than a simple question. This must be thoroughly investigated , including questions to the top management

Organize the communication 

As you know , CNC-NCK is taking actions to improve the communication with you. First step is to put in place the necessary means.  IF this newsletter is the first basic stone, we also need to work on the collect of your views when a request for advice is done to the workcouncil.   On this specific topic , Our CEO let us know during this month, that there was neither concrete restructation plan, nor speicic dates defined. Today is still rumors day

Prepare and attend the work council

As mentionned hereabove, the first topic was the basic information.    It goes over an explanation of the 2015 results with some perspective ovet the previous years. As you know, ING Belgium was well performing. We got the slides only a few minutes before the meeting which is not enableing perfect efficiency. I raised a few questions about the increase of costs invoced by the group and liquidity transfer, those questions did not receive an answer in live.   To be continued as well .

To represent and defend your rights in the different commissions.

At time of writing this newsletter, we just got the list of our mandates in the different commissions. This is about the social laws, (re-)organisation, ASCEL/VOSSCO management, … All-important topics were the new delegates must still be incorporated. We’ll come back on this in our next newsletters.

To close this newsletter, may be the most important topic. I heard the representation of the direction to insist on the importance of respect and efficiency in the work council.

I can only agree on those principles noticing that it goes over respect of all our colleagues and that there is margin for efficiency at direction side.

Your devoted delegate wishing you happy holidays

Pierre Pirson



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Newsletter June 2016 – New delegate, New vision….