As you probably know, the social elections will be organized in May: 10th of May for the central services and between the second and the 6th of May for the channels.

 Our team CNC/NCK will be present for the representation in the Works Council (CE) of the ‘executives’ (“cadres”).

Let me clarify :‘cadres’ in this context means all members of the personnel with a function classification F and higher. These are about 6000 people on a total of 8000

and 16 mandates on 27 for the Works Council.

So your weight in these elections is quite important.

How can you give us your support during these elections ?

For those who still vote on paper -long term illness, holidays- nothing changes (compared with previous elections). Just don’t forget to return your documents before the 5th of May (due to the long weekend).

For the majority amongst you who will vote in an electronic way, herewith some guidelines.

When choosing the list CE ‘cadres’ (Works Council) the first screen will show you the different unions and we ask you to select our list number 4.

After this selection, the full list of our candidates will appear in a second screen.

If you are interested in our ideas but you don’t have a preference for someone in particular, you can vote on top of the list.

If, however, you have a preference for one or more of the candidates, give your vote to these candidates (minimum 1, maximum 16). 

For these elections we are happy to present you a new team of motivated candidates.

We invite you to get to know our ideas and our program on our website  or on the Intranet page HR/Social Elections /CNC-NCK.

We will strive for a strong and new representation, independent and fully dedicated to the personnel of ING Belgium.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Let’s be conscious of the challenges in front of us. They are very near.


Thanks for your support.

See you soon.

Social elections