Our action: information, individual defense and negotiation.

Information. This remains the top mission of a good representative: useful information that circulates fluently solves 95% of problems before they occur! The CNC tries to provide critical but neutral information on a regular basis by opening it up to as many employees as possible. Our information is based on the content of the meetings (works council, pension funds, social law commissions and commercial staff, …) but also on our individual expertise and networks.
Advice and individual defense. A disagreement with your hierarchy, with your benefits (salary, pension, …) or with the inspection, we are here to help you. We cannot repeat it enough: if you are invited to an “imperative” meeting, come to us and get advice before it is too late. Recently, some unions have chosen to communicate in the newspapers about dismissals for serious misconduct due to problems with the use of the leased car. On our side, we will just mention that the files managed by the CNC did not end in such a dramatic way.
Negotiation, it is a subject on which it is advisable to keep reserved, cautious, honest and realistic.
Reserved : The first step is obviously to understand the situation of the other party, in this case the management of ING Belgium, and to maintain a constructive relationship at all times. The vast majority of cases are discussed informally. It is good to sign off an agreement, but it is far much better having contributed to formulate its content (and having understood it) before signing it off.
Cautious : It is useless to put our contact persons in difficulty on running files. This could only be against the interest of the employees.
Honest : When it comes to reducing the wage bill, management of companies in Belgium have as a priority to reduce the 55+ staff category. The 55+ plan is a management proposal, not a trade union proposal. The management of ING Belgium has been very inspired to optimize the wage bill through fiscal means (cafeteria plan, pension fund, 55+ plan…). This is the result of the work and the will of the management, not of the unions. Our job is to accompany and advise the management on the best impact for the staff members on these subjects.
Realistic : A few examples of concrete CNC contributions that can be found in the minutes of meetings and that are beneficial to the employees.
– The inclusion of Start Your Own Business in the social plan, the only positive barrier-free voluntary departure measure for those under 55, which exceeded the initial objective several times (thus avoiding unwanted layoffs).
– The Add-on Mobility option for 100% electric cars offers the possibility to rent a car with a greater autonomy or more spacious for a short period of time. When we proposed it, the first response was that it was too complicated. But as soon as the contract with Alphabet was renegotiated, the solution was quickly put in place.

What do we want to do in the future?
First of all, we want to continue improving social dialogue at ING by trying to remove politics from it:
– Less clientelism and more professionalism,
– More constructive information,
– For important files (branch network, segment, group, …), more anticipation.
A fight that focuses on the quality of employment in these difficult times. We do not seek at all costs to keep jobs that make no sense, but we are very upset by the off-shoring of our jobs, playing with the difference with other countries’ social laws.
Propose activities that are not limited to a movie ticket but to a network of managers..
To do this, we need your votes!

Our team for these elections:
TOUSSAINT Nicolas – JANSS Céline – DELVIGNE Jean-Pierre – DECARPENTRIE Edouard
PEETERS Thierry – TERWAGNE Patrick – RUTTIENS Antoine – CAIRA Sergio
DANIELS Patrick – SOUNARD Jean-Philippe – DULUINS Fabrice – CONNOR Stefano
THONUS Thierry – PERVAZ Houriya – COTTON Luc – STAES Vinciane
DERNONCOURT Christophe – DUPONT Olivier